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A week after Felucia, Kol obtained an email away from an as yet not known figure

A week after Felucia, Kol obtained an email away from an as yet not known figure

Kol, bowed in respect to help you Palpatine and you may leftover of

Xylonic mentioned that in the event that Kol failed to come on Dathomir within the exact date coming he was browsing offer, then perform lose someone close to help you him, that not familiar to Kol, Xylonic are dealing with his apprentice Nikita Keil. Kol accessible to his need and you may informed your however fulfill him for the Dathomir. Kol do strongly demand which he did not wish to be with any kind of their duplicate troopers. Grand Learn Yoda acknowledged his choice, also gurus Shaak Ti, Plo Koon, Mace Windu, and you can Luminara Unduli. Kol got their boat to their globe to fulfill toward Sith Lord. The guy landed throughout the Crucible, which was the area set up for his meeting with Xylonic. Even if, Xylonic is actually getting ready to assault Kol, he was unaware of Kol’s increased feeling results. Kol sensing the newest Sith Lord, drew right up his knives and gone a good boulder into Force, only to inform you Xylonic. Angered, the young Sith Lord billed at Kol with his knives because the new Jedi themselves ran during the immediate coverage, because he had been stuck off-guard. Kol had been able to gain surface up against his brand new challenger, in which both was advantages throughout the Jar’Kai. Kol is yet not not amazed otherwise captivated and you can create keep in touch with Xylonic when you look at the sarcastic words, just like the not really bothering so you’re able to worry for the risks thrown within your. Unbeknownst to help you your, his apprentice Nikita had sneaked on the his motorboat, and hid inside the simple sight. He’d notice their, whenever which have a knife secure, in which he forced Xylonic to protect with the his legs. Enraged, Kol overpowered new Sith Lord’s security and you can ran in order to Nikita, and he scolded the woman. Nikta responded that she try alarmed on her behalf grasp, and you will believed which he try stressed, however, she did not remember that he would get into this condition. Kol upcoming looked down, and advised Nikita you to definitely she don’t have to be worrying to have he was okay, and that she did an effective examining o him, however, was not smart into the adopting the your so you’re able to their boat. As the she willing to cam, Kol are assaulted because of the an onslaught of Force Lightning, hence delivered your traveling across the arena. Frightened, nonetheless just an effective youngling, which have no knife to defend herself, she drew Kol’s knife when you look at the cover, however, rapidly shed on of the a robust blow out of Xylonic. Seeing their in danger, Kol used an effective and you will effective Push Force delivering Xylonic flying. Recouping his power, Kol grabbed Nikita and registered their ship, and you will easily leftover their planet. Kol at some point informed Nikita to stay concealed up until the guy was commercially on the forehead on Jedi Positives, and that she’d would.

Battle out-of Mygeeto [ ]

As much as a-one seasons wedding following the start of Battle off Mygeeto, Kol was dispatched for the globe so you’re able to enhance the decimated soldiers off clones. Kol arrived in time for you boost the weak push off troops shortly after installing an ambush into main frontal armies out-of the fresh Separatists. Damaging numerous droids, Kol pressed with the their attack about hopes of keeping multiple opponent pushes away. Kol manage remain on the planet for two weeks, just before are taken from obligations, just like the he had been are changed by the some other Jedi Knight. It dissappointed Kol, while the he imagine he was only found in acquisition to batter their forces resistant to the droid army. Kol discovered that he was dispatched towards the entire world from the Chancellor Palpatine and not by the Jedi Council as he earliest imagine. Immediately following leaving Mygeeto and you will leaving their left pushes in charge of the young Jedi who’d changed him, Kol returned so you’re able to Coruscant to deal with the brand new Chancellor towards the his sales. Palpatine and you may Kol contended for a few minutes, however, Kol next made a decision to stop the disagreement. Dispite that have hatred to have Palpatine, Kol apologized in order to have expected their buy and you may expert. Palpatine forgave Kol and you can informed him never to help his fury have the best from your, because of it wasn’t the new jedi means. Palpatine informed Kol, that with their electricity, he themselves, and others could help prevent the battle. Kol decided then leftover, to greatly help their more mature sister Clay with the Pantora. After the guy leftover, Palpatine stated that Kol got sex much during the a short date.