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Can you share how exactly I need to install drivers to use Wayland, I tried installing NVIDIA Linux Graphics Driver 495 version from the Software app. But for some reason, Fedora still uses x11 and not Wayland. Sadly, if you roblox isn t working have a laptop that is not an option. And finding a laptop with a discrete Radeon GPU is as hard as finding a dog with natural green fur. You can change the power mode in the Settings appYou can change the power mode from the system status menu in the top bar, or in the Power section of the Settings app. Portable devices, by default, have their power mode automatically switched to Power Saver when the battery runs low. Besides, if you cannot use two-finger scrolling on Windows, check if the supported gestures are enabled on your PC.

  • The last reason this could be happening is due to a corrupt Chrome browser.
  • In addition, we also recommend you disable theWindows Defender Firewall.
  • You can also look for background processes in the same tab to see if any unusual background process is running or not.
  • You should ensure that your Windows or Mac system are fully up to date.
  • Still no luck on getting the media keys working.

Refusing to launch is on a completely different level. If not, I’m considering asking for a refund from Steam as well. Steam not opening has become a common problem for Windows 10 users. This can be really frustrating when you cannot be able to play your favorite games in Steam Library. The above procedures have been tried and tested to counter this issue. An alternative way, go to the taskbar, click the search icon, type settings then select the first match.

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The best course of action here is to bring up the task manager by hitting control+alt+delete and force-quitting the app. There are often multiple instances of steam running in the background, so it’s important to end all of them before going to reopen the program again. This is the most basic form of troubleshooting available, but it tends to alleviate minor issues most of the time. So without wasting any time let’s see How to Fix Steam Won’t Open Issue with the help of the below-listed troubleshooting issue. The first thing that will come to mind for many users is to force close Steam and launch it again to see if everything is solved.

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On the bottom of the screen you should see a green bar with “You are listening on” followed by your device name. If you see it, repeat the trick from the step above. Go to the Device list and click on This Web Browser. Your song should start playing where it left off on your smartphone. Similarly, inside the Settings app, tap on Cellular and see to it that the toggle for Cellular Data is enabled. On this screen, let’s further ensure that mobile data isn’t disabled specifically for Spotify.